Brookburn Year 4b 2016-17

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Homework – Friday 23rd June, 2017

Hi everyone

Here is your homework for this week

Mrs Kinch 🙂

Maths – Sumdog

Spellings – words ending in ‘ation’


Literacy – Write a book report about the book you are reading at the moment. This could be your school reading book or any other book you are currently reading.

Remember to include the title and the author’s name. Would you recommend this book to anybody else? what are your reasons for this? Discuss the characters. Who is your favourite character and why?

You can write your book report on paper and hand it in as normal, or you can type it up on the blog.

Happy reading!


Memorable adverts

Do any of you have any favourite adverts (or ones that you may hate) that you simply can’t get out of your head?

What are these adverts for? How do they end up so memorable? Can you comment below to let me know which adverts you remember. Can you also say what it is about the advert that makes it so successful?


Celebration of our Roman topic

Yesterday, the Year 3 children visited us to help celebrate the end of our Roman topic. We shared lots of our learning, especially our Roman toys that we made on Scratch. Well done to Louis and Noah who won the Dragon’s Den competition and Scarlett and Cara who were close runners up.

Celebration of our topic on PhotoPeach



As part of International day and our Roman topic we made pizzas to share with the year 3’s. Here are some photographs of us making them.

Mmmmm pizzas on PhotoPeach
Can you write some instructions to tell everyone how you made them?

Remember to include:
Title, little introductory opening, what you need section, method, numbered steps, adverbs, imperative verbs and subordinate clauses. Can you also include a warning tip to make sure no one chops off their fingers?!

Why don’t you have a go at making pizzas at home following someone’s instructions.


Random acts of kindness

We have been talking a lot this term about ‘Random acts of kindness,’ what random acts of kindness have you done or are planning to do this month?


Roman Roads

Today, at school, we learnt how Roman roads were made. We looked on a map at where some Roman roads went from and to and then created our own miniature Roman road using stones, gravel, pebbles and sand. Can you remember how Romans built the roads?

Roman Roads on PhotoPeach


World Book Day

Just look at our fabulous costumes for World Book Day. Who did you come as and why? Have you got a favourite book you would like to share with us or recommend that someone else reads?

World Book Day on PhotoPeach


Jack’s Roman Project

Jack, very kindly, brought into school a PowerPoint showing his trip to Rome. Here he is presenting it to the rest of the class. Well done for going that extra mile Jack!

Jack’s Roman Project on PhotoPeach


Fun on International Day

International Day on PhotoPeach


Forest Dance

As part of our dance unit we created a forest dance. These are our freeze frames of the trees we created. Watch this space for a video of the actual performance which we will show to our parents and the rest of the school in our communication assembly later on in the year.

Forest Dance on PhotoPeach